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Water Wise Garden

Urban Water Wise Garden

Community Water Wise Landscaping Project

What we do?

The goal of this project is to understand the role of water use in our urban desert landscape of Fresno. We are able to do this by building relationships with local government, housing developers, homeowners, community organization, educational institutions,and more. Hopefully our work will result in helping create a healthier environment. Our current projects are

Why it’s important?

Through this program we will help homeowners better understand the usefulness of water conserving plants in yards. This will also provide a bird friendly environment. We are currently doing a study of grassy lawn and yards with water wise plants. In addition, we also study peoples understanding of water use, cities water policy and Fresno’s water metering project.  

What you can do to help?

Please contact us if you already have a water wise yard and would like to participate in our project. We would also like to thank those who have already supported us.

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Our Current Projects:

Studying home owner’s view of water use, water metering, water conservation and wild life friendly yards

Mapping non-traditional grass yards in Fresno-Clovis metropolitan area

Comparative study of birds, plants and arthropods

       Studying city policy makers and planners perception on

        Understanding nursery owners’, landscape designers and environmental conservationists view on water conservation, water metering and wild life friendly yards